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Pu'er (Pu-erh)Tea Leaf (250g)

Pu'er  (Pu-erh)Tea Leaf (250g)

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This is the original Pu'er tea leaf. The original tea trees of Pu'er tea are grown in the Southern-west of China, Yunnan Province.

Pu'er tea (or Puerh tea) is great for its effect to help detoxin and reduce body fat.

It is also great to drink it everyday to enjoy the aroma from high mountain.

Net Weight: 250g

Directions: Put the tea leaf into a tea pot or a mug and pour into boiling water. 5g tea leaf need approx. 150mL hot water. The tea leaf can can served repeatedly for upto 5 times. By all means avoid a long time infusion.

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