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Piao Yi Tea-40 Tea Bag

Piao Yi Tea-40 Tea Bag

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Piao Yi Tea is a natural herbal tea that is popular as a slimming tea. It is a Chinese tea that is pure with natural ingredients for detoxification and nutrition.

It has 40 tea bag in each box.

Ingredients: Folium Nelumbinis 40%; Sweet Gynostenium Pentaplylla 20%; Flos Chrysanthemi Indici 20%; pod 10% Tea leaf 10%.

Dosage & Usage: One Tea bag is soaked in 150ml boiled water for 5-10 mins. Take one bag at night at the begining of the course. After one week apply one bag in the morning and one in the evening. Recommedation is for taking 45 days as one course.

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Reviewer: sharon, healys lane the burrow portrane 05/15/2007

I have been drinking this tea for 8 weeks and find it quite delightful. It has a very light taste and is slightly sweet. It is very effictive as a weight loss as part of good eating habits.


very good tea - tasty as well as efficient in making me eat less!!

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