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Perfect Food Supplement Boost Performance for Male Health
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China Brush Oil (Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution)

China Brush Oil (Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution)

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Suifan's Kwang Tze Solution, China brush oil or Chinese brush oil is a very effective external ejaculation delay solution.

We only sell genuine product  from the authorised wholesaler in Hongkong. If you wish to buy more than 60, please use "ask question" to make enquiry.

Usage and Dosage: (External application only)Apply a thin layer of this solution. one-two hours before . After applying for 30 mins, it can be washed off and the effects stay for over 2 hours, perfect for oral. Do not use too much. JUST A THIN LAYER WILL GIVE YOU MOST SATISFACTION AND A LONGER LASTING SEXUAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER.

NOTE: you should only put it underneath the head of the penis and not covered the entire head, because if you cover the entire head you will not feel anything and you would not cum causing what they call blue balls, and that is painful also. So don't overdo it.


Ingredients: ALOE VERA (= Barbadensis ) 5% CLOVE 5% KOREAN GINSENG 16% CINNAMON 20%


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Number of Raters: 7


I can vouch for this product I have been using this product for years and it does work..I could have sex for hours non-stop.


This is a first class product, keeps you going for hours just a thin covering is all you need.


trully helpfull, first usage instead 5 min - 25 min. Later 30-40 min. ordering more just now !


does it help to increase the sperm volume??


This is a genuine product, no side effects. I'm using this product since 2008.

Reviewer: Christopher, Weikersheim 05/29/2011

It is a very good product.It gives a sense of confidence to man.

Reviewer: JEAN CLAUDE, RENNES CEDEX 9 08/22/2013

Vraiment superbe Produit!! Juste une belle pellicule Autour du gland 1 heure ou 2 avant et la s Est la fête PLUS D'UNE HEURE De vrais baise sans Avoir Peur de Tous gâcher FR 5 mns Une éjaculation sans précédent et On remet le couvert pratiquement Tout de Suite Vraiment génial !! faire jouir sa partenaire Est Vraiment enfin possible .... Attention Ne Pas en METTRE de trop et redingote Pas sur la tête du gland voiture La Plus de sensations et Pas agréable ... verser sa partenaire et coulée Soit! Messieurs À vos instruments et bonne soirée!!

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